Benefit 01

Begin your healthy
living at home

At Wolf System, we strongly believe in the restorative powers of a home. We don’t simply create spaces but develop healthy habitats for you and your family to thrive in.

When your house is built with only the best materials, technology and quality, you minimise the risks of developing, and suffering from, colds, flus, and allergies. Welcome to a new generation of indoor health – welcome to your Wolf Haus.

Benefit 02

Experience a home with unrivalled comfort

A Wolf Haus habitat is your cosy safe haven. Whether it’s the blistering heat, the intense humidity, the dusty air, or the rainy skies, you can take comfort in your new home being firmly defended from outdoor elements.

Live free from the worry of a poorly protected home. Whatever the time of day or time of year, our habitats ensure a homely lifestyle that helps you relax, rejuvenate and enjoy each and every moment.

Benefit 03

Have your house ready
in a few months

Our building system is amongst the most advanced in the world. Wolf System manufactures off site and assembles on site, which leads to less construction time – up to 75% less than traditional construction.

This means, depending on scope, you can have your perfect house built in only 2 to 5 months. Despite the speed, we never compromise on the quality, reliability and safety of your home. These are standards we’re proud of.

Benefit 04

Invest in high quality for long-term value and the lowest maintenance.

Our customers want to safely invest in their dream home and see the value of their property remain stable, or increase, for years to come.

Wolf System brings together the best practices in design, engineering and technology, to build a home created to last.

Due to highest quality, unique living comfort and revolutionary energy efficiency, your home will remain a safe and secure asset. An ideal investment in a time of uncertainty.

Benefit 05

Pay AED 0
for your electricity

Our hard work to drastically eliminate your electricity costs has paid off, with the creation of our Wolf Haus Zero Energy and Wolf Haus Energy Plus technologies, where the only energy resource needed is the sun.

Your home will itself generate more energy every year than it consumes, always sustaining the highest level of living comfort and, of course, saving up to 100% of your electricity costs, for you to freely invest in your family’s future.

Benefit 06

Protect the environment for the next generation

At Wolf System, we’re passionate about creating sustainable homes and offer solutions with very low environmental impact. Our final results are always of the highest quality and desirability, offering a lifestyle that is not only environmentally-friendly but full of comfort and peace of mind.

Because at Wolf Haus, we champion energy-efficient, eco-friendly homes that you will love, and the next generation will thank you for.

Benefit 07

Design a home that aligns with your priorities.

When building your Wolf Haus, choose from our stylish solutions with either a collection of construction-ready options, or individually tailored houses built to your unique taste, needs and specifications.

Enjoy the complete freedom of creative choice over the look and feel of your new home, or rely on the harmonious combination of clean lines and modern aesthetic of our ready-made homes.

Benefit 08

Embrace your new innovative and technological home

Our commitment to our clients, along with our in-depth knowledge of technological advances means we always offer, and improve on, the latest innovations that protect you and your family, save costs and secure your overall health and wellbeing.

For example, we create spaces with essential features that ensure optimal air quality, making your return home from a hard day’s work a breath of fresh air.

Benefit 09

Relax in thermal and acoustic comfort

Our patented Mega Wand is an advanced insulated building system that is the result of our consistently precise and optimised construction methods, perfected over the years.

The skill and care involved in our construction, assembly and installation methods mean you are always protected from noise, both from within and outside the house, as you relax in the comfort of the perfect temperature for you and your family at all times, whatever the conditions outside.

Benefit 10

Live in optimal safety at all times

Both fire and earthquake safety are integrated into each and every Wolf Haus to make sure of your welfare at all times.

The Wolf Haus building system guarantees
the highest protection from fires, verified with the two-hour fire resistance certification test, and ensures unparalleled seismic safety levels, keeping you and your family safe in a major emergency.