German Engineering
at Its Finest

Creativity and innovation are at the heart of all our properties, ensuring that they are unique, cost-effective and suitable for the climate in which they exist and for the people who inhabit them.

Smart Engineering

Our smart engineering is the digital interface between the customer‘s request and the final product, optimising every aspect of the property, from concept and construction to long-term living comfort.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our 4.0 production technology turns digital construction into reality, with highly systematic and automated processes leading to the most desirable properties on the market.

Continuous Innovation

Our committed investment in R&D ensures we always offer, and improve on, the latest protective and energy-efficient property innovations, always leading to safe, healthy and technologically advanced properties.

Key innovative features:

  • Energy Efficiency & Energy Plus Solutions
  • Thermal & Acoustic Comfort
  • Energy Monitoring Technologies
  • Durability & Airtightness
  • Fire Protection & Earthquake Safety
Certified quality for
production and assembling

Wolf Haus Megawand

Our innovative patented wall guarantees outstanding performance across all our properties due to its structural solidity, thermal and acoustic insulation, and fire resistance, providing you with year-round comfort and safety.

Thermal Insulation

depending on materials and expected performance0,2 – 0,07 W/m2K

Acoustic Insulation

depending on materials and expected performance45 – 67 dB

Fire Resistance

with our unique Wolf Firewall60 - 120 min

Customisable Layering

resulting in width between 25 - 55 cm (depending on expected performance)

Thermal Insulation Benefits

Our exceptionally insulated properties perfectly protect against excessive heat passing through the wall, keeping your property cool in the summer, drastically cutting cooling bills up to 90 %, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, compared to a traditional construction.

Traditional Housing
  • A brick wall absorbs heat from the outside and releases it into the building’s interior, therefore substantially increasing the room temperature.
  • There’s high A/C demand to cool the inside to 24°C.
Wolf System Mega Wand® Wall
  • The Wolf System Mega-Wand ® Wall absorbs almost no heat from the outside due to advanced insulation technology, and releases no heat into the building’s interior.
  • There’s minimal A/C demand to cool the inside to 24°C.